All members of the DDNA Board of Directors (hereafter referred to as the ‘Board’) have the responsibility to serve the association and to promote the mission and goals of the association.

All Board members must assume and carry out each of the following general responsibilities:

  1. Represent DDNA to its membership and to other organizations or associations.
  2. Promote DDNA and I/DD nursing within the nursing and professional communities and among the community at large.
  3. Promote professional certification in the specialized field of I/DD nursing.
  4. Uphold and enforce the by-laws and policies of the organization.
  5. Participate in establishing and reviewing DDNA’s mission, vision, by-laws, policies, practices, and position statements, on an annual basis.
  6. Attend at least 75% of the meetings of the Board of Directors.
    1. Complete assignments within timeframes (between meetings).
    2. Respond to the President’s “Call for Agenda Items” within 1 week of request.
    3. Attend the meeting, being prepared to address/discuss agenda items and assignments.
    4. Review minutes of meetings and submit revisions within 1 week of request.
  7. Participate in overview of the finances of the association.
  8. Participate in the planning of DDNA annual conferences.
  9. Attend DDNA annual conference:
    1. Serve as host to members, speakers and guests.
    2. Facilitate general and break-out sessions.
    3. Participate in luncheons and present information to membership.
    4. Be available to members and sponsors.
  10. Attend General Membership meeting(s).
  11. Attend outside conferences and meetings as requested or assigned.
  12. Speak to an issue on DDNA’s behalf only as directed and authorized by DDNA.
  13. Assist in completing special projects for DDNA.
  14. Assist with administration of certification examinations.
  15. Contribute to the DDNA Newsletter:
    1. Write one article per year, as assigned/scheduled.
    2. Submit additional information/material, as indicated or assigned.
  16. Be available for:
    1. Travel to Board meetings and conferences.
    2. Dialogue/discussion between meetings via email and phone.
    3. Conference calls and web-cam conference – at least monthly.
    4. Internet and e-mail access.

Each Board member also has additional responsibilities that are specific to the position held.

Time Commitment

As you are considering running for office, please be aware that serving on the DDNA Board of Directors requires a considerable time commitment. The sum total of days the a Board Officer commits to his/her duties is approximately 44 days per year. The effort related to these duties is broken down as follows:


  • 12 days (24/7) – Attendance at Board Meetings, 4 days per meeting.
  • 2 days – Participation in at least 8 web-enabled or telephonic Board meetings, each lasting approximately 2 hours.
  • 3 days (8hrs each) – Preparation for Board Meetings.
  • 7 days (24/7) – Attendance at DDNA Conference.
  • 2 days – Preparation for Conference.
  • 1.5 days – Follow-up work from Conference.
  • 3 days (24/7) – Attendance at 1 additional conference.
  • 1 day (8hrs) – Follow-up work from additional conference.

Newsletter Responsibilities

  • 3 days – 1 article per year.
  • 1.5 days – Other newsletter information – 3 issues per year.

Other Assigned Tasks/Responsibilities

  • Varies according to task.

Email Communications

  • 8 days (8hrs each) – Estimated based on 75 minutes/week – 65 hours annually.
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