As elected board members of the Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association, our mission is to represent the organization and to assure the continued success of the association.  We accomplish this by adhering to the Guiding Principles and the Mission Statement for the Board of Directors, and by promoting the mission and goals of the association.

Our responsibilities include promoting the association’s goals and objectives, and providing oversight of association activities. To meet these responsibilities, we will:

  • Represent and serve the association in a manner that supports and promotes DDNA and the mission and vision of the association.
  • Evaluate and revise the mission of DDNA as needed, including:
    • The mission and vision of the association, and association policies, practices and position statements.
    • Operational guidelines and Board of Directors responsibilities.
    • Goals and objectives of the organization.
  • Conduct association business in a reasonable, honest, fair, and informed manner.
  • Assure compliance with by-laws and association operational guidelines.
  • Promote recognition of the developmental disabilities nursing specialty and its certification.
  • Assure effective management of the association.
  • Assure financial management of the association through:
    • Review and approval of annual budget.
    • Regular review of revenues and expenses.
    • Outside audit of association financials records, if discrepancies are identified.
  • Monitor association practice to assure compliance with applicable laws.

As elected members of the Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association, our mission is to represent the organization and assure the continued success of the association.

To function effectively, the Board recognizes the need to create and maintain a cohesive working group. We do this by identifying our goals and objectives and by using the following principles during group communication:

  • Understand that all members share a common goal – to serve the association.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest when conducting association business:
    • Avoid all known conflicts of interest.
    • Immediately disclose any conflict of interest to the association Board of Directors.
    • Recuse self from participating in board discussion or consideration of issues when conflict exists.
  • Assume that all team members are well-intentioned.
  • Respect each member’s right to have and voice a differing opinion.
  • Recognize the value of diversity and welcome diverse experiences, opinions, and positions.
  • Value open and free communication during all discussions.
  • Agree that open, direct communication is healthier than back-channeled personal attacks.
  • Understand and accept responsibility for group decisions – especially after the discussion.
  • Maintain confidentiality of Board discussions and association business.
  • Realize that the goal of the group is to reach 70% consensus but 100% commitment.
  • Recognize the need to function as – and become – a team:
    • A team is a small number of consistent people with a relevant, shared purpose, common performance goals, complementary and overlapping skills and a common approach to the group’s work. Team members demonstrate 100% commitment to team goals and decisions and hold themselves mutually accountable for the team’s results and outcomes.
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