Board FAQs

Because you can make a difference! By contributing your time and talent to DDNA, you can promote our mission of education, advocacy and care for our members and for the individuals with developmental disabilities. DDNA is a growing association. All of DDNA’s loyal and long-term members are looking to DDNA’s current leadership to continue to grow and lead this association into the future. The experience and expertise you have can provide the leadership needed!

If you know another member who would make a good candidate, please encourage him or her to mail in a Nomination Form. The form must be received before the deadline. All persons nominated will receive a confirmation letter from the Executive Office, which will require them to submit a CV, evidence of current nursing licensure, evidence of current certification, and a professional letter of recommendation before voting begins. Once voting begins, information about each candidate will be available online, and the election will be conducted electronically. Instructions for casting votes will be available online during that time.

Board Officers are expected to provide informed and diligent leadership as DDNA continues to grow and carry out its mission. This requires a significant commitment of time and energy throughout the year, but it is also an exceptional opportunity for personal and professional growth. In addition to the duties of their offices, Board Officers are required to travel to various cities in North America for quarterly Board meetings. (DDNA pays for all travel expenses, including annual conference registration). Being a Board member does require your time and effort not only at Board meetings, but throughout the year. If you are considering running for an office, carefully read the Position Overview for each open Board position and general time commitments required of all Board Officers, so that you know what is expected.

All Board Officers of the association must be current nurse members, in good standing, and must be certified in Developmental Disabilities Nursing – CDDN or DDC. The office of President-Elect must be a CDDN.

The Board Officers are President, President Elect, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The Presidency is a minimum four-year commitment to DDNA. The President serves for two years as President, after having been President Elect for two years. The President may then serve in a voluntary and advisory capacity to the Board for one year as Past President. The Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer serve three-year terms, with the terms staggered so that each office comes up for election once every three years.

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