Board Election Process

Members of the DDNA Board of Directors are current nurse members of the association, elected by the membership through open nomination and voting processes.  Board members volunteer their time and energy to help lead the association and promote IDD nursing across the healthcare community at large.

  • The Board of Directors consists of five voting positions, including:
    • President
    • President-Elect
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer. 

The length of term for each position varies in accordance with the bylaws of the association.

Non-voting Members:
The Board of Directors also benefits from the service of several non-voting Board members, who serve to provide key member-support functions. 

The non-voting Board members include several former Board members and/or long-standing members-at-large, who bring experience and expertise in vital areas of support.  These members serve at the direction and discretion of the Board.

Each year, DDNA conducts elections for Board of Director positions. 

  • Members of the DDNA Board of Directors are elected by the membership. 
  • The term of service for each Board position is defined by the association bylaws, and the election schedule is established to provide a staggered rotation of officers, promoting continuity and effective leadership of the association.

Qualified nominees for all Board positions:

  • Shall have the credential of CDDN or DDC.
  • Shall have been a member in good standing for five (5) consecutive years as of the date of the nomination deadline.  Exceptions to the criteria for membership tenure may be considered by the Board of Directors under certain circumstances.

All sitting Board members must be available to:

  • Travel and attend Board meetings as scheduled and participate in Board discussions as needed– both in person and electronically.
    • The Board of Directors conducts in person meetings on a quarterly basis and electronic/telephonic meetings at least monthly and as needed. 
  • Board members must also be available for extended hours and work during the annual education conference and be available to complete position responsibilities and assigned tasks within acceptable timeframes. 
  • Additional position-specific responsibilities also apply. Nominees for Board positions should consider these responsibilities when deciding to enter the election process.

DDNA encourages all qualified members of DDNA to participate in the election process and invites members to consider seeking office as a member of DDNA’s Board of Directors.

Three (3) Years:

  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

The election schedules for these board positions are “staggered,” to allow for election of one position each year.  

Two (2) Years*:

  • President-Elect serves two years *plus 2 additional years as President with the succession to the office of President at the end of the initial 2 years.  Election for the office of President-Elect is held every two (2) years.

The non-voting positions serve at the direction of the Board, serving in the assigned position at the Board’s discretion.

The election begins with nomination of candidates, followed by the Board review and slating of the candidates. 

  • Once candidates have been slated for the election, voting opens. 
  • Results are announced in the association newsletter, on the association website, and via email. 
  • Specific timeframes for the election processes varies each year, depending on the annual conference schedule, with specific dates announced prior to the start of the candidate nomination cycle.

Current nurse members, who wish to submit a nomination for office, are required to submit the nomination application and credentials to the office of DDNA through the online nomination form.  Applications received after the established deadline will be rejected.

Once approved by the Board of Directors, each candidate’s campaign information and activities shall be limited to the information displayed in the space provided by the association on the website, in the newsletter, and the time allotted at the annual general membership meeting.

  • Each candidate is expected to conduct himself in a positive, professional manner throughout the nomination, campaign and election processes. 
  • The election is for a Board of Director position for the association and not a public, political election.
  • No other campaigning (e.g. handouts, give-aways, campaign signage, etc.) will be permitted.

Information about the election schedule and timeframes will be provided prior to the beginning of each election process.

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