Continuing Education FAQs

    • What are the education requirements for renewing my CDDN or DDC certification?

    • I am not a member of DDNA, but I did attend the DDNA annual conference. How do I get my conference CE?
      • If you are not a member of DDNA or recently became a member at conference, please email [email protected] to request your username for log-in.

    • My company/facility/agency would to like make DDNA members aware of a free IDD-specific education program we are offering or sponsoring. What do I need to do to publicize the offering?
      • DDNA is glad to help publicize free IDD-specific education programs that would be of direct interest and benefit to its members. Please send us information about the education program via the email feature on the Contact Us page of this website.

    • If my facility/agency buys one membership to DDNA, how many people can take the free online courses in IDD nursing?
      • One membership entitles one person to the free developmental disabilities nursing courses.

    • I cannot see or print my certificate of completion? What do I do now?
      • If you are unable to see your certificate, be sure that you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. You can download it free from If you can see your certificate, but not print it: click “File” at the top left-hand side of your screen, then click “Print.” If it still does not print, and your printer is plugged in and operational, call DDNA at 800-888-6733.