DDNA’s mission is to provide networking opportunities for IDD nurses, providing support and education to nurses working in the specialty.  DDNA also defines IDD nursing practice – by establishing the scope and standards of IDD nursing practice, by establishing and regulating professional certification in the specialty, and by developing positions statements for daily practice. 

We do this by connecting with you, the practicing IDD nurse! 

We value your input and welcome your active participation as we work to advocate, educate and care for nurses working in the specialty of IDD nursing.  So, keep updated on DDNA happeningsand contribute to the association’s mission by staying connected through our forums and social media!

Do you work at a great facility or agency? Would you like to share information about your workplace with other nurses? DDNA will put a link to your agency’s or facility’s website here on our community page. (Make sure to ask your workplace first before sending us the link.)

Facilities and agencies:

You can “like” DDNA at facebook.com/ddnanational. Facebook is a great way to keep up with all DDNA updates, and we invite you to post pictures and write on our wall.

What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a social network for business professionals. It allows you to maintain a list of contact information about other trusted professionals, called “connections.” As a user, you can invite anyone to become a connection. These professional connections can then help you to network, find jobs, and locate experts from around the world.  Click here!

The DDNA Forums are a place for DDNA members to meet for open discussion of various topics. The forums allow you to post and reply to topics that other DDNA members can read and respond to. Create a discussion! Click here!

Need instant updates? DDNA ‘tweets’ news as it happens. You can follow DDNA on your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone.  “Follow” us and tweet back!

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