Step 6 of 6 – Taking the Exam

Exam locations

If you are wondering where you take the local/group exam, go back to the exam registration page. Group exams are held once annually at the DDNA Annual Education Conference. The conference location varies year by year. Local exams are listed conveniently on a PDF that you can download from the exam registration page here.

Arrive prepared

On the day of the exam, you will need to bring the written confirmation of registration, your current nursing license (not a photocopy), your current DDNA membership card (not a photocopy), and photo identification, such as a driver’s license or passport.

Taking the exam

The exam is administered on a computer in a Prometric testing center. In general, the exam takes between 45 – 90 minutes to complete, but you have up to 2 hours. If you have been approved to take the exam, you can take it at DDNA’s Annual Education Conference. If you would like more information about taking the exam at the conference, contact DDNA.

Important Note: While taking the computerized exam, do not skip questions and expect to be able to go back and answer them later. Once you skip a question, you will not be able to return to that question to answer it. The skipped question will be counted as an incorrect answer.

You passed – what happens next

DDNA will mail you a packet that contains your certification card and certificate. You will have earned the right to use the credential of certification (CDDN or DDC). This credential will remain valid for two years, renewable by the last day of the month in which you sat for the exam. Please be aware that part of being certified in the specialty of IDD nursing is maintaining an active membership in your professional organization throughout your period of certification.

You didn’t pass – what to do next

If you did not pass the exam, you have the option of retaking the exam. The policy on reexamination for the CDDN/DDC credential is as follows:

  1. Exam candidate eligibility remains valid for two years from the date your application was approved. The expiration date is listed on your letter of confirmation.
  2. If you fail to pass the test on the first try, you may take the test one more time without further documentation or Certification Committee approval.
  3. If you do not pass the examination on your second try and wish to pursue certification, you must submit documentation of 30 hours of continuing education specific to IDD nursing. These education hours must have been acquired after the date of your second examination attempt. The education hours will be reviewed by the Certification Committee and, if the additional requirement is satisfied, you will receive a letter of approval for re-examination.
  4. As a re-examination candidate, you may repeat Step Three as often as desired within the two-year eligibility period, provided the continuing education requirement is satisfied for each repetition.
  5. Each examination attempt will require that you select the examination site, complete the registration form again, and forward payment of the applicable examination fee(s):
    Local exam: $150 fee to DDNA; additional $175 fee to Prometric.
    Group exam through DDNA: $250 fee to DDNA.How to find out if you passed the certification exam

After you take the GROUP exam at the conference: DDNA will mail you your test results within 6-8 weeks after the conference. Please do not call DDNA or Prometrics for your score.

After you take the LOCAL exam: Notify DDNA that you have taken the exam by sending an e-mail to the following address: [email protected].  DDNA will mail you your test results as soon as they are available (typically 6-8 weeks). Please do not call DDNA or Prometrics for your score. Note: You may see a number on the computer screen immediately after taking the exam at the local testing center; however, this number does not necessarily indicate whether you have passed.