Elections Schedule

Length of Terms

The term lengths for Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer are three (3) years each. The election schedules for these board positions are “staggered,” to allow for election of one position each year.

The term length for the President-Elect is 2 years with succession to the office of President at the end of that time. The officer then serves as President for two (2) years. Election for the office of President-Elect is held every two (2) years.

Nomination Timeframe

  • Call for nominations by February 1st.
  • Close of nominations March 31st.
  • BOD approves the slate of candidates by April 10th.
  • Announce slate of candidates at the Annual Conference, on the website, and in the Summer Newsletter.
  • Voting opens July 1st.
  • Voting closes July 31st.
  • Results announced in the Fall newsletter and on the website.

Current nurse members, who wish to submit a nomination for office, must submit the required application and credentials to the office of DDNA by email, fax, or mail to ensure it arrives at DDNA’s office by March 31st, 2015.  Applications received after this date will be disregarded.

Once approved by the Board of Directors, each candidate’s campaign information and activities shall be limited to the information displayed in the space provided by the association on the website, in the newsletter, and the time allotted at the annual general membership meeting. Each candidate is expected to conduct himself in a positive, professional manner throughout the nomination, campaign and election processes. The election is for a BOD position for the association and not a public, political election. No other campaigning (i.e., handouts, give-aways, campaign signage, etc.) will be permitted.